A Tale of Two Shorts

Independent (Indie) film making involves a lot of sacrifice. As filmmakers we sacrifice the little bit of money we have to  do what we need to do. For what we can’t pay for we pay for with our free time.  The entire cast and crews time.   But we make these sacrifices in hopes someone will see our dream, our idea, our film.

In 2009 I set out with an actor named Kj Misek Jr. to make a film called “Tace”.  We shot the film in Lincoln, Nebraska over two weekends.  We had a solid cast and crew.  The monetary budget we spent on the film was probably close to $3,000.   After the shooting wrapped we worked on editing that film until late 2011.  From there we entered it into close to 80 festivals.  It has yet to be accepted.  This took a toll on me.  I am still digging out of the hole I dug using credits cards to fund a good chunk of the film.  As well as my own personal feelings about being rejected that many times.  I still gained a lot of knowledge about how to do things (as well as how not to do things) from the entire process.

In 2012 I began working with a friend named Casey Kappes to bring to life an idea for a film I’ve had for a number of years named “L. Redding”.  Because of the results of the last film, I could only come up with about $300 to pay for some food and a couple of props.  This budget really wasn’t enough but luckily my wife came up with the little bit extra we needed (thanks Caryline).  We shot the film in a single weekend with a similar sized crew and less gear than we had on Tace.  This film had a lot less pre production, and planning than the last.  L. Redding has been accepted into multiple festivals now and each time has been met with lots of great responses.

Each of these films is different.  Each of these films had different luck.  Was the judge just in a bad mood? Had they just watched 15 other entries very similar?  Did they just not like the style my film was made in?  I will probably not ever know the answers to these questions.  I’ve realized that when I started to send Tace to festivals I was looking for recognition.  I was hoping for something big to happen.  When I made L. Redding I just wanted to make something cool.  I wanted to get out and create.  I wanted to do.  So now when I enter festivals my only goal is to reach people I might not reach otherwise and some day possibly collaborate.  Which is why I went ahead and shared Tace for free on our facebook page.  And soon after I’ll release L. Redding.  More news on that soon!

Demo Reel 2013

My Production Reel updated for 2013. It’s going to be busy year of shorts, docs, and animation. Here we go!

A Kidnapping at Castelle Manor (Associate Producer)
Last Letter by T. Barnes & Friends (Producer, Director, Editor)
L. Redding (Writer, Producer, DP, Editor, VFX)
The Last Airbander (DP, Editor)
Unpublished (DP)
Just A Phase (Writer, Animator)
Tace (Writer, Producer, DP, Editor)
Checkers (Writer, Producer, Editor)
Keep Me by T. Barnes & Friends (Director, Editor)
Thanks Again (DP, Editor)
Time Traveling by T. Barnes (Director, DP, Editor)
Sam Savings (Writer, Director)

City Girl by T. Barnes

This video was a lot of fun. Travis contacted me about creating a new video for a song he was in the process of recording. He wanted a video made up of old movie clips. After I had a rough version of the song I proceeded to search out the internet for copyright free material that fit the ideas we wanted to have in the song. After watching many different very old films I finally had all the pieces. And everything seemed to fall together quickly after that.

Original video for City Girl organized and edited from movie archival footage by Matt Clark. Audio produced and recorded at The Bomb Shelter Studio in East Nashville.
T. Barnes- Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Tom Myers- Drums and Percussion
Grant Mickelson- Lead Guitar
Samantha Adams- Bass Guitar
Andrew Higley- Piano
Charles Sanders- Hammond Organ
Jon Estes- Pedal Steel Guitar
Andrija Tokic- Tracking/Mixing Engineer

The Last Airbander

For the last 7 years I’ve participated in the Des Moines 48 hour film project with an amazing Team. We’ve made top 12/15 for 6 of those years. Two years ago we were runner’s up. This year we won. I shot and edited the piece.

Best Use of Genre
Best Use of Prop
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Original Music
Best of City 2012

Press: http://tinyurl.com/9ad3al3

L. Redding

We’ve shot and currently have a rough edit.  Check out more on the project on our facebook or the website!

L. Redding

I’m starting another short titled “L. Redding.”  We’ve now cast for the project, and start shooting in August.  Expect more news on this project soon!

Valentine Road

Teaser for a web series I helped produce. The prologue for this project recently won a silver eddy at the Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival.

Last Letter by Travis Barnes & Friends

Directed, filmed, and edited by Matt Clark. Live video performance of an original song written by Travis Barnes. Performed after hours in a hospital atrium in Sioux City, Iowa on February 28th, 2012. This performance was written, organized, and quickly thrown together over the course of a couple days. This group of musicians was assembled just for this song. The cellist and violinist had never played the song before and just showed up and performed to the sheet music they were given.
Aubree Zellmer- Actress
Travis Barnes- Vocals, Piano
Matt Van Meter- Drums
Jamie Bowers- Upright Bass
Judy Bligh- Violin
Brandi Oviedo- Cello
Matt Clark- Director, Camera, Editor
Kyle Martens- Camera
Andy Bucholz- Camera
Caryline Lowe- Asst Camera
Mitch Martin- Audio Setup And Controls





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A short conversation about life and checkers (based on a real long forgotten conversation).

Excuse my bad acting. This was an attempt to get back into my younger mindset, and making something on a whim, with little to nothing, armed only with a very basic idea/script.

Written & Directed by Matt Clark

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